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Hi, I'm Krystal!

I'm a UX/UI Designer based in Dubai, UAE with over 6 years industry experience. Upon completing my Bachelors in Computer Science, I eagerly began furthering my skillset and experience through designing multichannel social content graphics, web design, digital advertising, computer animations, and video productions for Ireland’s leading global CEO advisory firm.


In my latest role within the financial services sector, my main challenge was converting complex multi-feature solutions into user-friendly, intuitive interfaces that are portable to different platforms and resolutions. To achieve this, I plan and conduct user testing/research and competitor analysis, interpret data and qualitative feedback, determine information architecture and create sitemaps, and produce prototypes and wireframes with trending UI approaches. I always aim to focus on a user-centric approach through iterative sprints.


My holistic approach combines user-centered engineering with business needs and product capabilities to design positive user experiences. Working collaboratively allows me to discover the most suitable principles for each project, and I'm flexible enough to adapt the UX process when the project calls for it. 


I always make myself walk in the user’s shoes, as this helps me understand the situation better to come up with ideas.


Please contact me for my CV.

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